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YouTube brand kit

Welcome to your youtube brand kit documentation. On this page, you’ll learn how to edit and use all the templates included in the download file you purchased. If you have any further questions after reading this documentation please feel free to email me at 

Within this download are several canva templates for you to use. Use the 'readme' file to get links to all the Canva files. There will be links to 8 different files for you to edit. 

Please make sure you make a copy before you make any changes to the design. At the bottom of the page after you click the link make sure you select "use template".

main points

youtube headers – within the photoshop file for the youtube headers there is a folder called ‘Guides” this is where the border ends for the header layout. All details must fit into the desktop max area of the file.

green screens – templates that include a green screen are meant to be uploaded to the current video you’re editing. Please don’t change this color as it will not appear when you add the image to your video.

changing images, texts and colors

Throughout the templates, you’ll need to add your image(s) to various layouts. To do this you’ll follow the following directions:

Click on the image or head to the layers palette and select image. Double click on the image it will be highlighted in ‘orange’.

A new window will open and you will add your image there. When your image has been added hit save and it will be updated in the existing template.

changing colors

Double click on the ‘Fill’ box above the element you’ll like to change the color for

*If you’re using creative cloud you can select the color layer and click on the color from your creative cloud library it will update immediately.

animated templates plus how to export files

You can decide to keep the same animation format included in the download or you can change it up to fit your ideal preference. Make sure you’ve updated the template with your own content before you move forward.

Go ahead and open the timeline section. To do this go to Window >> Timeline. The timeline area will open below and you’ll be able to change how long you’ll like your video to be, adjust any fades or change the order your content appears.

When you’re happy with your newly edited design it will be time to export your file and save for upload to the web or to add to your videos.

Make sure you’re on the current folder you’ll like to export first. Go to File >> Export >> Save for web. Click your desired location and save and your images are ready. When exporting video files to .mp4 format for certain templates you’ll go to File >> Export >> Render Video.

instagram carousels

Your instagram carousel templates are included in the instagram folder. To edit these templates you will follow the same steps as above. Once you have edited and added your own content you’re all set to export but before that, you’ll need to slice the image.

Select the slice tool(c), if you don’t see it, it’s where the crop tool is located. Once you’ve clicked on the slice tool head to the top bar and select [slice from guides]* only do this final step if you don’t see blue square numbers on your image.

You will then see numbers in blue appear at the top of the templates. From there you’ll export your images. Go to File >> Export >> Save for web

Make sure you select the right output i.e .png, .jpg, .gif. All three files will be exported to your desired location.


adding your images to iMovie or Final Cut Pro X

The youtube video frames templates include a green screen because it will serve as a border around your video. Once you’ve exported these files as an image you can go ahead and upload them to your video timeline above your video.

In iMove add the image above your video then go ahead and look for the ‘video overlay setting’. From the drop down bar select ‘Green/Blue screen’ when this is selected your video will appear in the existing green area of the image.

In Final Cut Pro X add the image above your video the head over to the effects panel to the side. Look for the ‘Keyer’ effect and add it over the image and you’re complete. You’ll do the same for the instagram stories templates if you do decide to add a video instead of an image.

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